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Top 10 Affordable Solo Travel Destinations

Traveling solo is an enriching experience, and it doesn't have to be expensive. Here are the top 10 budget-friendly destinations, each with its daily budget and a captivating hook.


Dive into Thai culture while keeping your budget afloat. From street food to serene beaches, Thailand has it all for solo travelers.

$30-$35 Per Day


Embark on a culinary adventure and explore stunning landscapes on a shoestring budget in Vietnam.

$25-$30 / day


Mexico's warmth isn't just in its climate. Explore ancient ruins, beaches, and delicious street tacos without burning a hole in your pocket.

$40-$50 /day


Discover Portugal's historical charm and enjoy Mediterranean delights without straining your wallet.



Greek islands, ancient ruins, and mouthwatering cuisine make for a delightful solo adventure that won't break the bank.


Bali, Indonesia

Find budget-friendly accommodations and indulge in Bali's natural beauty and culture on a solo escapade.


Budapest, Hungary

Budapest's rich history and thermal baths are accessible to solo travelers with affordable options.



Colombia's diverse experiences, from lively cities to coffee regions, come at an affordable price.


Siem Reap, Cambodia

Explore Angkor Wat and savor local street food without overspending in Siem Reap.



Nepal is an adventure paradise. Trek the Himalayas, discover ancient temples, and immerse in local culture without a hefty price tag.


Solo travel can be both adventurous and affordable, so pack your bags and explore these budget-friendly gems!