10 amazing things you must know before traveling to South Korea!  🔥

No. 1 is so cool ♥

Hand Signs for Ordering Food


Some casual restaurants may not have English menus. Instead, use hand signs to indicate the quantity of servings desired. It is normal to indicate your order by holding up your fingers.

Mandatory Military Service


Men in South Korea are required to serve in the military, and you may see young men in uniform on the streets. It is a distinct feature of Korean society and culture.

Rapid Urban Development


South Korea has experienced fast urban development, with entire neighborhoods being rebuilt in a short period of time. It is not uncommon for districts to undergo dramatic transformations within a few years.

Café Culture


South Korea features themed cafés ranging from animal cafés (featuring cats, dogs, or even raccoons) to board game cafés, in addition to traditional coffee shops. It's an interesting way to enjoy a cup of coffee in an unusual setting.

Ondol Heating


Underfloor heating, known as ondol, is used in traditional Korean heating. Many homes, particularly in rural areas, have heated flooring, and you'll regularly find people sitting or sleeping on the floor during the winter months.



Noraebang is karaoke in Korea, however it takes place in private rooms. It's a common activity among friends and even coworkers, and it's an excellent way to sample Korean nightlife.

Street Food Culture


South Korea has a thriving street food culture, with unique products such as tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) and odeng (fish cake skewers). Enjoy the thrill of sampling these unusual street foods.



Jimjilbangs are gendered bathhouses where individuals can relax, wash, and even sleep. Some travelers may be surprised by the community aspect of these spaces.

PC Bangs


South Korea has a plethora of PC bangs (internet cafes) where people, particularly young gamers, can spend hours playing computer games. It's a distinct feature of South Korean culture.

Love Motels ♥


Love Motels are a regular sight in cities. While they serve a utilitarian purpose by providing inexpensive lodging, they are also connected with covert amorous meetings.

Outsiders may find these things weird or quirky, but they are all part of what makes South Korea a unique and culturally rich place. Accepting these factors can result in a more immersive and satisfying travel experience.